With years of experience since 1993, we have thousands of shipments under our belt. It has been 27 years and counting, we have been shipping worldwide across countries and continents. Our appreciation and thanks to all our regular and new customers worldwide

For the effectivity, efficiency, safety, and savvy of the goods and time, all our customers always order a full container. It is important that we understand a full container order (20 Feet, 40 Feet of 40 HC) is the most advantageous and cost-effective method for your valued order.

We offer a very flexible Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

It is only 1 x 20 Feet – Container (26-28 CBM of goods). You can mix and match all our collections and your custom order. We accept custom design refer to your purchasing plan and design concept based on our production capacity.


MOQ: 1×20 Feet – Mix Match & Custom

Effectivity, Efficiency, Safety, and Savvy